Winners of the Machon L’Yahadus Auction Shop

Hundreds of women and girls gathered in Crown Heights for the annual Machon L’Yahadus auction, marking the anniversary of the Rabbanit Chaya Mushka Schneerson OBM. Here are the winners. Full Story, Photos

Photos: Chana Levine/COLlive

Hundreds of women and girls gathered at the Lubavitch Yeshiva last night for the annual Machon L’Yahadus auction, part of the anniversary of the Rabbanit Chaya Mushka Schneersonwife of Rabbi. All the audience chairs were filled as a large crowd showed up to hear the beautiful words that were shared.

Rabbi Shloma Majeskidirector of Machon L’Yahadus, addressed the crowd about the school’s mission to educate young Jewish women on their journey to true Torah Judaism, empowering them to continue building their own warm Jewish homes.

Among the many highlights, Tova Meyers of Scranton, Pennsylvania, a current student at Machon L’Yahadus, shared her story of connecting with Yiddishkeit and the role Machon has had in her life.

Mrs. Sarah Koron and Mrs. Sara Chana Silverstein inspired and entertained the crowd by sharing their respective fascinating journeys. Current and former students of Machon provided the audience with a rousing musical rendition of three different Nigunim. The host of the evening was the lovely Mrs. Miriam Friedfertig.

The organizers expressed “their sincere thanks and gratitude to each of you, the auction participants, for your unwavering support for a cause so dear to the heart of the Rebbe!”

Here are the lucky winners:

Gold Prize Winners:
Grand Prize: One Rebbe Dollar: Paz Cadaner
Split the pot: Nechama Shemtov
$1,000 in cash: Chaya Roth
Wig by Ita: Dani Hess
$1,250 at Tzfasman Jewellers: Lea Lipsker
$1,000 at Kirsh Jewelers: SFN
$1,000 at Everything But Baby: Ruchama Baum
Beautiful Diamond & Sapphire Ring: Mordechai Fogelman
$1,000 at Elite Sterling: G. Eber
Four pairs of glasses or sunglasses from See View Optical, up to a total of $1,000: Nochi Goldshmid
One month at Camp Emouna: Mordechai Fogelman
A Color Palette Session with Jessica: Wolfe Family

Surprise #1 – Shabbos Bundle ($250 at Albany Bakery, $100 at Shabbos Fish, 2 loaves from SammiBakesBread, 2 amazing kosher cookbooks, and multiple cases of paper goods from Ness Paper): Simha Baez
Surprise #2 – Beautiful 2’x3′ Rabbi picture on canvas: Sara Baile Birnbaum
Surprise #3 – Art Package (a personalized artwork by Esther Rosen and a beautiful framed artwork by Michel Schwartz, A”H): DL Shernofsky
Surprise #4 – Women’s Package ($400 at Color By Chana, a wash and set by Salon by DL, a $150 gift card at Top Fashion, a Tichel My Fancy gift card for 3 Tichels and “MoodTopia” by Sara Chana Silverstein): Moshe Z

Silver Prize Winners:
Three private fitness classes with Moomba Fitness: Chana Simcha
Makeup by Mushkie & Hair by Devora: Réchy Paltiel
Two-hour interview with Nechamie Margolis: Chneur Majeski
Custom dress: Spoutz Family
Three private sewing lessons at “Needle & Stitch”: Chana Shapiro
Two hours of professional organization with “The Joy of Organizing”: Chanie Hurwitz (Baltimore)
Home workout with “Bring The Gym To Me”: Miriam Luchins

Entry Prize Winners:
Prize #1 (Beautiful print of Alef Bais by Esther Rosen, one year subscription to Moshiach Times and 4 children’s books from Hachai Publishing): Lea Lipsker
Prize #2 (“A Hasidic Approach to Joy” and “A Tzaddik and His Students” by Rabbi Majeski, a one-year subscription to the Nshei Chabad newsletter and “I Believe: The Story of one Jewish Life” by Leibel Zisman and “Portrait of a Chassid: The Life and Legacy of R’Tzvi Hirsh Gansbourg”): Rivky Parshan
Award No. 3 (the 3 volumes of “The Inside Story” by Yanki Tauber, “Beyond the Letter of the Law” on Pirkei Avos and “The Counting of the Omer”, “Sixty Days” and “Toward a Meaningful Life by R’Simon Jacobson): Chava Reizel Levine

Machon L’Yahadus thanked the sponsors of the evening and the donors of the prizes for having made this evening possible. Thanks to Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse, Kaff Kafe, Joseph & Joel Cake Company and Chocolatte for sponsoring the dairy buffet.

Machon L’Yahadus educates today’s Jewish women to rediscover their heritage. By partnering with us to prepare every student to become an Akeres Habayis in their own home, you secure our future as a vibrant Jewish nation – and that makes you a true winner of the Machon L’Yahadus boutique auction. !

“Your Tzedakah has certainly accelerated the fulfillment of the Rebbe’s prophecy, ‘Moshiach is coming now!’ May it be revealed in a full manner immediately! they said.

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