Woman sparks debate after wearing wedding dress to brother’s wedding

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A woman who wore her own wedding dress to her brother’s wedding has sought advice after her new sister-in-law accused her of ‘ruining’ the day.

Go to Reddit Am I the asshole? forum, the anonymous woman explained that guests at the Winter Wonderland wedding had to wear “silver, white or light blue” to fit the theme.

She wrote: “All the outfits were supposed to be dramatic, even my brother’s wife said she didn’t mind if they didn’t even stand out, we were all supposed to look like rockstars, there even had to be a prize for the best dressed guest at the end, a fun game, I wanted to play the game.”

She admitted that she hadn’t had the opportunity to go shopping, so her brother suggested that she wear her wedding dress.

She continued: “I had dinner with them a few months before the wedding and my brother suggested that I wear my own wedding dress (white and silver) because I never ended up getting married, she also agreed because other people were going to be in white anyway.”

After the conversation, the woman wore her wedding dress to the nuptials and “got complimented all night” and even won the best-dressed award.

“The wife was super sweet all night, but I didn’t hear from my brother for about a week,” she continued.

“When I went to see what had happened, apparently his wife was extremely upset that I was wearing the wedding dress and ruined her big day and the only person who should wear a wedding dress on a wedding is the bride.”

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Although the sister admitted that she would normally be fine with guests not wearing white, she added that she thought it would be fine because the bride had already agreed to it.

“She called me a lot of names and my brother even said the way she talked about me he was starting to regret marrying her, he’s very protective of his siblings,” he said. she writes.

In conclusion, she revealed that “the guilt basically eats at me.”

“She says I’m an asshole and should have known despite her ‘obvious and reluctant confirmation’ and my brother says I’m fine and haven’t done anything wrong,” she said. concluded.

“I am ripped.”

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