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Yanet García with a Santa Claus dress steals sighs

Yanet García, the ex weather girlOnce again, he surprised his huge fan base with a new Christmas video with a scanty outfit, managing to turn the heat to the next level.

The famous presenter Mexican, Yanet García has left her millions of fans breathless on social media with a few posts in which she boasts of her enormous beauty and groomed anatomy with a light Christmas outfit.

He’s turned up the heat on Christmas for his hundreds of fans, as he shared a video on his Instagram account where he shows off his figure wrapped in a little Christmas dress.

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Wearing a typical dress to sleep on, but quite small, the influencer performed a cheerful dance that only lasted a few seconds.

However, this one gave a lot to talk about and was enough to hit over 1 million views in just a few hours.

Taking advantage of the holiday season, the former Televisa host put on a Christmas hat, leaving much of her skin exposed.


As he commented in the post, the full videos can be seen on his OnlyFans account.

Just days ago, Yanet García surprised her millions of Instagram followers by modeling one of the smallest swimsuits she has ever worn, which left her most hidden charms visible from the pool.

As you may remember, García opened his adult content account on April 18, and although he tried to separate the two spaces, he was unsuccessful at all.

It’s almost Christmas, enjoy the full video on my @onlyfans, Happy Holidays, ”the model wrote in the post.

As expected, the flirtatious video quickly generated a shower of compliments that fell on Yanet García.

Exquisite woman “,” Goddess “,” Jo ho ho “,” I love you “,” It’s a beautiful Christmas “,” Oh baby you leave me speechless “,” Cake “,” I like your style “,” Fantastic lights “,” Santa Claus showed off with the Christmas present “.

No doubt Yanet García is fascinated by Christmas, which is why for several days he has been creating videos adapted to the season.

Of course, her videos are quite flirtatious, as she was recently seen wearing skin-tight leather pants that show off her pronounced curves.

As if that wasn’t enough, she forgot about the blouse, but went topless, since she managed to cover her breasts with little golden accessories.

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